Marin Independent Journal, 1993

Appalled in Novato

Brendan Moylan, owner and brewmaster of the Marin Brewing Co., winner of an unprecedented three medals at this years [1993] Great American Beer Festival, recently went before the Novato City Planning Commission with plans for opening a new brewpub in Novato. Three of the six board members were opposed to the idea of a brewpub in Novato on the grounds that it would not be an appropriate business for Novato.

Appropriate business? Let's see, in the past year the city planners have given their approval to restaurants such as The Red Lobster and The Olive Garden. Both of these "appropriate businesses" serve food and beer. Does this mean that the Planning Commission feels an appropriate business is one that serves institutional foods and beverages, while a restaurant which serves fresh food and award-winning beverages is deemed inappropriate?

I am appalled by the narrow minded, self-serving, short-sighted thinking as shown by a commission which holds Novato's future in it's hands. What's next? Only "appropriate" movies will be shown at the local theater and "appropriate" books sold at the local book store?

Whoops, I just had an inappropriate though.

Karen Mace
Novato, CA