Marin Independent Journal, 1993

Brewing Controversy

So the Novato Planning Commission thinks having a Marin Brewing Co. pub near the Vintage Oaks constitutes a danger to the youth of Novato. I have been to the restaurant that Brendan Moylan owns at Larkspur Landing, and guess what, I had a really great dinner there and didn't even order and alcoholic beverage.

Yes, boys and girls, there were actually families dining there in this, so called, den of iniquity.

I find it curious that politicians and bureaucrats can make a value judgement while at the same time collecting enormous taxes on consumers. You can throw in the heated discussion on smoking in public places.

No, but seriously folks, the federal government collects taxes on tobacco and alcohol. Local governments get some of that revenue in various ways. When you consider that 500,000 people die annually from the ill effects of these two substances, it makes politicians accessories to manslaughter, after the fact. They are hypocrites at the very least.

Twenty years ago, I was able to quit smoking by thinking that the government was profiting from my self-destruction. Maybe some I.J. readers can use this method to beat their own demon addiction.

Neil Naughton
Mill Valley, CA